Another Weekend, Another Forever Affiliate Progress Update

Site A Update:

I mentioned at the beginning of the week that I had some unexpected search engine traffic visiting Site A. That made it my priority to get some more content on there ASAP because when the traffic started coming in I only had one piece of real content in there.

Now it looks a bit more like a full mini site. The contact page, the disclaimers, disclosures, and all those standard little things are in there. And now there are five full pieces of content on the site.

I’ll probably add a few more in the coming week, but I’m also going to go ahead and start the slow process of link building and promotion. We’ll see if more traffic comes from that. If this site picks up good rankings and some conversions, I have a nice list of keywords saved in Keyword Canine for additional content topics that can be added.

I’m working on tweaking the header today and then I’m shutting this computer down and getting unplugged for awhile.

Site B Update:

Site B was a little neglected this week because I was scrambling to get things done for Site A’s unexpected traffic. But I did manage to get a few pages added.

This one will be between 10 and 15 pages when I’m finished. Right now it’s at about 7, with an 8th in draft mode. I could reasonably start the link building and promotion phase this week because the majority of the important content is there and the remaining pages are just additional supporting information.

Honestly, I’m glad I only started with two of these sites. If I had gone with the suggested five I would be exhausted and I would be frustrated with my progress.

Maybe I’m putting in too much effort right out of the gate? I know that the idea is to test and see what you can rank and what you can convert.

A lot of people who are going through this course are also outsourcing the majority of the work – I’m doing a majority of the work myself and outsourcing very little bits here and there for these first two sites simply because I want to go through the entire process myself before I hand it off to someone else.

Wrapping It Up for the Day

It took me awhile to get my feet off the ground with these, but I’m making progress and I’ve been taking crazy notes so that I can start laying out a system for myself. I hope to be able to report a little traffic to you in the next week or two.

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