Answer the Questions, Even When You Think People Already Know the Answers

There’s no such thing as a question that is too basic or an answer that is too simple.

Just because you know how to do a thing doesn’t mean everyone in your niche or audience knows how to do that thing. There are different levels of expertise and knowledge in everything, some people are just starting out and others have been doing a thing for years.

Not sure what questions you should be answering?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the questions when you’re so far into something that it has become second nature. For example, I would have never thought to answer the question of how to thread a needle without a needle threader for my cross stitching audience, because it’s just something I do without thinking about it. Or how to put an H2 tag on a subtitle on a blog post, I just type it in while I’m writing.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to find out what questions people in your niche have without trying to just guess or assume.

The easiest way is to just ask your audience. Go to your Facebook page and post a thread asking what challenges they face in getting started, what one thing would make things easier for them, what their biggest frustration is, what they have difficulty with, what they can’t seem to find when they’re shopping, etc…

You can run a survey to your newsletter. Or post a multiple choice poll on Facebook. Have an “open lines” conference call, Google Hangout, or Facebook Live where you just take any questions people have on your subject matter for 30 – 60 minutes.

Of course when you’re doing keyword research you’ll see the occasional question query as well. One handy tool that I like to use is Answer the Public. Just enter a word or phrase and it will tell you what people are asking about that topic. I’ve always been surprised by at a least a few of the responses it gives me back.

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Question Answers Make Great Content

If you’re struggling to figure out what to write about, just start answering some of those questions. They turn into great content of all types – long article, short blog posts, whitepapers, videos, info graphics. Give people the information they are seeking in as many formats as you can, the people will love you and the search engines will see you as more authoritative in the long term.

All Questions Are Good Questions

I started this off by saying that no question was too basic and no answer was too simple. I reiterate that here. Seriously, start with the basics. Even creating a glossary of terms used in your niche can be seen as extremely useful and valuable content. The most beginner questions… you could even start with an article on “How to Get Started ______” fill in the blank with whatever your niche is.

People do Google searches for “how to Google something” every day, so no matter how well known you think something is there is someone out there that is looking for the answer on how to do that same something.

7 thoughts on “Answer the Questions, Even When You Think People Already Know the Answers”

  1. Hi Loretta,

    I agree with this post’s title. Not everyone same and same their mind.

    We know something it does not mean that other knows that stuff too. If you know something well better to shout out to let other know.

    Umesh Singh

  2. Excellent advice Loretta. I did this recently with my blog, asking my list subscribers if they have any struggles with or questions about their blogs. Awesome way to answer questions that we think folks know the answers to, but many of these questions are popping around in their minds, and they are afraid to ask.


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