Are Beards a Big Niche?

Back in January I made a list in my niche notebook of niche topics that I wanted to keep an eye, things that seemed trendy or new and possibly trendy. Beard accessories and tools was one of the things on that list – and it seems to be growing. When I say beard accessories I mean things like beard oils, balms, conditioners, combs and trimmers, etc…

So are beards a big niche and does it have long term potential?

niche notebook beard care and tools

There are at least five beard related sites on Flippa right now and four of those are going above $1,000.

beard care sites for sale o Flippa

There are several Etsy shops selling expensive balms and oils that seem to be doing pretty well. There were over 10,000 results for beard care on Etsy, with many of the shops specializing in just beard care products like oils and balms. Prices ranging from $8 to over $100 for gift sets and custom scents.

beard care results on Etsy

Note: With Etsy you can be either an affiliate or a shop owner, but you cannot be both. Choose what works best for you.

There are plenty of Amazon products, too. I noticed one starter care kit was priced around $160.

Is there long term potential here though?

beard care niche google trends chart

This is arguable. Facial hair trends come and go, so I don’t think anyone really knows for sure what the long term profitability of this niche is going to look like. Right now though, it seems to be a steady niche and the initial quick research suggests that people are paying premium prices for their beard care products.

What are your thoughts on this niche? Good, bad, awesome, or ugly – leave a comment below to discuss….

2 thoughts on “Are Beards a Big Niche?”

  1. Every thing is a niche if it has already a market for it.For now beard are trending like crazy on Instagram and other social networks. There is a market for them. If some one has the passion , It can be profitable.

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