Are You Making the Most of Every Web Page?

In August I attended NAMS for the second time. The first time I went two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Susanne Myers, who happened to run a food and home blog that I had been following. (You may know her as the Hillbilly Housewife.) It was obvious she had some serious niche experience and I enjoyed talking with her about how she bought the blog and took it to a new level by learning about backlinking and SEO.

I certainly wasn’t the only one who was in awe of Susanne’s niche success story, many were, and this year Susanne was an instructor at the NAMS event and she shared a bit with us about the things she does to grow her business. I wanted to pass a little of that information on to you today. I’ll let Susanne tell you about this great little affiliate website tip in her own words:

Two Hidden Pages on Your Website That Can Bring in Huge Affiliate Commissions

an article by Susanne Myers

You have some pages on your website right now that could bring in a nice and steady flow of affiliate commissions but chances are you’re not taking advantage of them. Let me show you how to turn those pages into money making machines that work 24/7 for you.

Thank You Pages

One of the pages I am referring to are the thank you page you send customers or subscribers to after they sign up for your newsletter or buy a product from you. You have already impressed these people enough to at least get them to give you their email address. Now is the perfect time to make them an offer.

Look through the various affiliate promotions you have on your site and pick the one that seems to convert the best and include it in your page.

On a thank you or download page for customers, I usually add it toward the bottom after the actual download link. On a newsletter signup thank you page, I tend to just thank them for signing up, then make the offer and give them the download link for any freebie they are getting as a “thanks for signing” up at the end.

Error Pages

The second page is your 404 error page (or any other error page for that matter). People will always mistype urls or link to pages on your website that don’t exist. In short, visitors will end up on your error pages so you might as well take advantage of it.

Again, look through your affiliate promotions and find the one with the most general appeal. Create a custom “Sorry this page couldn’t be found” message, and then transition into your offer.

With both error and thank you pages, set them and forget them. Go work on your site, write some articles or play with the kids. Both of those “hidden” pages will be working for you for added commissions.

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