Are You Ready for Better Website Hosting Services?

Whether you’re just getting started with your own websites or you’ve been doing things for a while, good reliable website hosting is a major necessity and an important part of your online business. But, there are so many hosting services available out there today, it’s hard to know which one to choose or what you’ll need.

You might even find yourself feeling ‘stuck’ with your current host, even if you’re not entirely happy with the service. I’ve had websites online since 2001 and I’ve tried several different hosting services over the years (including HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and a few other commonly recommended hosting services), so I understand why you might have a few frustrations with your current host…

Are these signals telling you it’s time to move to a better web host?

Are you ready for BETTER web hosting service?Hosting Trouble #1: Customer Support Isn’t What You Hoped For

Hopefully, you don’t have to reach out to customer service very often, but in the times you do need them you want them to be there and be helpful. If your hosting company support is slow to respond to inquiries or requests for help, that holds you back. Worse, if their answer to everything is upgrading to expensive VPN services that you don’t need or they want to charge you $200 just for a support consultation to fix something that isn’t working, especially when the thing that isn’t working is on their end (like in the next common hosting trouble…)

Hosting Trouble #2: Host Doesn’t Use Up to Date Software Versions

This can be a big deal and a huge pain point. Out of date software leaves them vulnerable to hacking attempts. It can also cause problems for you if you’re trying to run a plugin, shopping cart system, or other add on feature for your website. If things like the PHP aren’t up to date, you won’t be able to use the newest, best, and most secure options for your website. This was just one of the many reasons I switched web hosts several years ago.

Hosting Trouble #3: Frequent Downtime or Site Crashes

A little bit of downtime occasionally is to be expected for things like server maintenance, but with a good hosting service those times are rarely (if ever) noticeable. If you’re having frequent site crashes or finding that your site is down a lot, it might be time to think about a new web host.

Are you ready to move to a hosting service that has YOUR best interest in mind and wants you to succeed?

Reliable Webs isn’t just another website hosting service. There are real people, work at home entrepreneurs just like you, behind the scenes working to make sure they provide the best customer support and most reliable website hosting service possible every single day.

Moving Web Hosts Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult or Expensive

Moving day can be stressful, in the real world and virtually. You might find yourself feeling ‘stuck’ with your current host, even if you’re not entirely pleased with their service and support, maybe even worried about moving fees or the technical details of changing hosts.

The good news is that moving your website doesn’t have to be stressful, difficult, or expensive. While other hosts will charge a hefty service fee for moving a single website, Reliable Webs will move your site over to their servers for you at no additional charge when you make the switch. If you have any troubles or concerns, you can contact them for full support and knowledgeable customer service.

If you’re setting up your first website and want to start with the best and skip the rest, they can help with that too. Reliable Webs hosting is WordPress friendly with one-click install from the cPanel. And again, if you need help with set up and installation they’re ready and happy to help you with that, all you have to do is ask via support ticket.

Minimal Downtime – For Real

I’ve personally hosted my websites with Reliable Webs since October 2010 and I’ve only noticed downtime once, for a brief minute or two in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. It was server maintenance and my sites were back up within a few minutes.

At Reliable Webs they understand small businesses and solopreneurs; They know your website can’t make money if it’s down or crashing all the time, so they focus on offering the best web hosting so you don’t have to worry about things like downtime and you can focus on what grows your business.

Security is Important to Them

You’ll get a free SSL certificate for your website and they keep their software up to date and running smoothly for strong security and peace of mind.

Excellent Customer Service and Tech Support

If something isn’t working how you thought it would, if a plugin or script is misbehaving, or if you need help with a setting, just pop in a service ticket and the support team at Reliable Webs will get back to you quickly with a solution.

reliable webs hosting service logoEvery question and support ticket is answered in a timely manner and handled with care and respect by a real person. And they won’t try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff that you don’t need.

What are you waiting for? Stop putting up with less than awesome hosting services and make the switch to the best website hosting for small businesses online today.

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Better Website Hosting Services?”

  1. Hi Loretta,
    Great article. When I started I, unfortunately, signed up with GoDaddy because it was cheap… I regret my decision.
    I have created 2 sites after that… one is with SiteGround and the other is with BlueHost and both of them are way better than GoDaddy…
    I learned the hard way that saving money isn’t the best way to go.

    Engin Soysal
    Engin Soysal recently posted..5 Awesome And Copyright Free Stock Photography Websites You Should Know AboutMy Profile

    1. I think 90% of Godaddy and Hostgator’s business is people signing up because it’s cheap and the name sounds familiar to them because of ads and commercials.

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