Boring Update for My Forever Affiliate Progress

This weekend’s update isn’t very exciting at all. In the link build and be patient stage not a lot of stuff going on and I only did two sites to start with instead of the five that many people began with.

Site A Update: (this is the one that’s in a gardening niche area)
I didn’t add any content this week, just letting the links settle in. Had my virtual assistant work on the link building because I was pinched for time all week. reports Site A to have a whole bunch of backlinks with 27 referring domains. Traffic looks to be steady between 5 and 10 unique visitors per day right now and the rankings seem to improve gradually a little each day. Clicks on product links, but no earnings yet.

Site B Update: (this one is in a general technology electronics niche area)
I had to change things up from the original plan that Forever Affiliate follows, but now links are starting to build out. shows Site B at about 100 backlinks and 21 referring domains. Current traffic only averaging 2 unique visitors per day. Again, clicks on products but no sales at this time. Rankings are finally starting to kick in for this one so hopefully I’ll see more traffic in the next week or two.

Site C Update: Well, I had planned on starting a third site, but I haven’t picked the niche or product yet. I’m not really stuck so much as I just have other things going on at the moment. I have a shortlist of ideas that I need to do some more research on.

Told you it was a boring update this weekend. I’m okay with slow progress as long as there is progress being made, so this is all totally good. Hopefully this time next week I’ll have something a little more interesting to report (like some earnings and sales)…

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  1. At this point it becomes crucial that the merchant site converts. I went from 9 clicks to merchant in march to almost 30 last month no sales yet. I am planning site 4. I will refine my url pick this time.

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