Broke the 50 Referring Domain Mark for Backlinks (Yes, this is a Forever Affiliate update)

When you start building links to your sites in the Forever Affiliate program one of the milestone points is reaching 50 referring domains to your site as viewed by the search engines. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there, but I finally broke 50 referring domains on Site A.

This backlink report was generated using the free service at

So at this point if you chose a niche that is super focused, the course mentions that you might find yourself on page one of Google for some of your longtail keyword phrases already. I’m on page two for a handful of terms with this particular site. I’m going to sprinkle in a few stronger links and see what happens over the next two weeks.

I’m also adding additional content Site A a little each week. I know that wasn’t really part of the Forever Affiliate model, but I actually enjoy the site and the topic quite a bit so I’m leaning towards growing it out instead of having it be just a mini site. I did refer a sale with this site already, but it was an Amazon sale and the shopper didn’t buy the product I recommended. Still counts, still get a commission, but I don’t consider that a successful conversion because it wasn’t at all related to the site’s topic.

Site B is stuck around 34 referring domains, but I think by next weekend it will have that milestone of 50. This one will definitely stay a mini site, but I do have about 5 more pages of content that I would like to add, it will wind up being around 15 pages of actual content plus the standard about/contact/disclosure and all that jazz. Not a lot going on for Site B, it’s got a few terms on page two of search results, not enough traffic happening on it yet to really make a judgment of how I’m doing with it.

Site C and Site D …. yeah, I still haven’t decided what I want to do. I have a list of ideas, but I really want to go back through my keyword research and make a focused decision.

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  1. Thanks for the backlink tool. Just signed up for that. Some of my backlinks are huge now which is fun to look at. Not converting so that ruins the excitement a bit lol
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