Nifty Call Out Box Plugin for WordPress

The Photo Dropper Plugin I recently mentioned has been cool to play with, but I was tired of hand coding my HTML when I needed something to stand out and blockquote wasn’t appropriate to use so I poked around the plugin directory and found a plugin called WP Attention Boxes that did exactly what I wanted. One click and the code for the call out box is dropped into your post, you just add whatever text and images you need to appear in the box. You can use their defaults or you can customize the box colors to match your site’s theme.

Here’s an example of how I used the plugin at The Small Business Transcriptionist:

You can get the plugin by searching for WP Attention Boxes from your Add Plugin page of the Dashboard or you can find it directly to the plugin directory at

Hopefully that saves you some time coding boxes and stylizing your blog posts 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nifty Call Out Box Plugin for WordPress”

    1. I confess, I’m a plugin addict. I try to keep them minimal for security reasons, but there are so many cool things out there to try and experiment with!

    1. Bonnie, are you looking for something to automatically put in your about the author resource box at the end of an article? This plugin wouldn’t quite do that, it just put in the snippet of code to style a box, the box still needs filled in.

      However you could insert an about the author resource into your WordPress theme. Depending on what theme and platforms you’re using it could be as easy as checking a box (I’m using Genesis with child themes on my sites and I just check off a box that automatically includes the photo and author bio at the end of every post, photo pulls from Gravatar and bio pulls from User profile within the blog dashboard)

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