Evaluating & Improving Your Call To Action

A call to action (often referred to as simply CTA) is an important component of any publicity campaign. It doesn’t matter if your objective is to increase brand awareness, to sell product, or to bring in clients for services that you offer, without a clear all to action your audience will not know what you […]

Tips To Increase Audience Engagement

Are you looking to increase audience engagement on your blog or on your social channels? Here’s a few tips to help you brainstorm what to post to get the conversations and shares flowing. Ask Questions When you want more interaction it makes sense to start asking your audience questions. When you ask questions on social […]

What You Need to Know About How to Write Meta Descriptions

Let’s start with a basic overview. What is a meta description? In simple terms, a meta tag description is a snippet that summarizes what the webpage or blog post is about. This short summary (usually 150 – 300 characters in length) is added in the code of the page for search engines to read. How […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About PLR Content & Where to Find The Good Stuff

In this post we’ll clear up some confusion about what PLR content is and isn’t, how it can help you build a website or blog, the benefits and disadvantages, and so much more. If you’re starting a new site or just struggling to get content created for an existing one, PLR can truly help. So […]

Testing Article Forge for Creating Content

First, I want to mention that I clicked on an ad while reading an article about content marketing to learn about this service. That’s something I usually don’t do, so props to the folks at Article Forge for good marketing efforts. I was actually expecting to find a writer for hire platform (like iWriter or […]

How Long Should Your Blog Content Be?

An often debated topic in the SEO world, a confusing sea of ever-changing answers for bloggers and content creators. How long does a piece of content on your website need to be to be successful? There are a few problems with this and similar questions regarding content and length. Every niche and audience is different. […]