What to Post on Social Media and When to Automate Things

Which Networks Are Right for You? When working out your social media posting plan, the networks you choose to post to should be an important part of that plan. The good news is that there is no absolute right or wrong choice when it comes to knowing which social networks you should sign up for. […]

8 Ways to Add Engagement to Social Media Posts (even if they’re automated postings)

The key aim of any social media marketing campaign should be to build engagement. This means that your followers interact with your posts – they comment, they like them, they share them and so on. You also need to send them back to your website and you need to increase your profits! However, this all […]

Learning, Growing, and Sometimes Laughing with Unsubscribe Requests

When someone unsubscribes from your mailing list some services allow you to display a message asking why they left the list, and you can receive those messages. It’s an optional thing with AWeber, but I like to get the notices and I’m always interested to hear why people left so I know what I can […]

Stop Giving Shareaholic All the Credit, Change Your Settings for Retweets

While I admit that I don’t spend that much time on Twitter these days, I do frequently retweet other folks articles as I’m reading them, or when I come across something useful or interesting. Almost 60% of the time I see something like this when I click the tweet button of an article I’m reading: […]

Karon Thackston Made My Day on Facebook

So I’m sitting around in my pajamas recovering from some dental surgery this week and trying to get a little bit of work done here and there when I can, and admittedly it has not been a very productive week for me at all. Then today something came up on Facebook that just made me […]

The Ugly Underbelly of Guest Blogging

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and a conversation on Facebook really brought this into the front of my mind this past week. If you’re in any social groups related to blogging you’ve likely heard about guest blogging. Maybe you’ve seen some guest posts on your favorite blogs and blog networks. […]