Testing Article Forge for Creating Content

First, I want to mention that I clicked on an ad while reading an article about content marketing to learn about this service. That’s something I usually don’t do, so props to the folks at Article Forge for good marketing efforts. I was actually expecting to find a writer for hire platform (like iWriter or […]

The Truth About Making Money With 99 Cent Kindle Books

When it comes to self-publishing of all types, Kristen Eckstein is the resource I trust most. She has a ton of experience working in the publishing industry and she’s full of great tips and advice. Her latest series of Kindle releases are Author’s Quick Guides, packed with information on writing and marketing yourself as an […]

Reviewing Niche Success Blueprint from Lynn Terry – and an extra bonus available

I’ve been part of Lynn’s Clicknewz paid private mastermind community for several years now, it was a truly great investment and it led me to meet some amazing people, and yes I learned a lot of helpful things along the way. I’ve also had the chance to meet Lynn at the NAMS events in Atlanta […]

Digging Into the Forever Affiliate Course

I wanted to post some initial thoughts here and share my progress with you because the launch discount ends March 1st and the price goes up. If you want to try out the program out, this week is the time to get registered. You go at your own pace so even if you don’t start […]

Signed Up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate

So on Friday before I shut down my computer (and my brain) to head into the weekend, I decided to sign up for Andrew Hansen’s Forever Affiliate course after hearing about it on the Late Night IM Podcast. I wanted to do something new, fresh, different, and profitable in terms of niche affiliate marketing. Andrew […]

Keyword Canine Review

I no longer use or recommend Keyword Canine as a keyword research and discovery tool. It was good for a year or two and then support and interest by the developers dwindled away. … Last year I shrunk my budget for tools and products because I was spending too much and not using all the […]