Stop Giving Shareaholic All the Credit, Change Your Settings for Retweets

While I admit that I don’t spend that much time on Twitter these days, I do frequently retweet other folks articles as I’m reading them, or when I come across something useful or interesting.

Almost 60% of the time I see something like this when I click the tweet button of an article I’m reading:

via shareaholic tweet is the default Twitter @ in the Shareaholic settings

The retweet is linking @Shareaholic’s Twitter account because the settings haven’t been changed to link to the author’s. And then after the person tweets, it will recommend they follow @Shareaholic instead of you.

If I know the blog author’s Twitter handle or see it in their sidebar, I’ll grab it and edit the post before I click send tweet, but most people aren’t going to take the extra time. You worked hard on that article or blog post, the credit for that hard work should be yours.

This is super easy to fix; just a quick 30 second visit to your Shareaholic settings panel and you’ll be getting credit for those shares and possibly getting new followers in no time.

click edit share buttons in your Shareaholic settings panel

First click on Edit Share Button Settings

change the share setting to your Twitter username in your Shareaholic settings

A floating window will open with your Share Settings. Make sure you enter your Twitter handle instead of @Shareaholic and click Save Settings.

You can also edit the thank you message and other template settings if you’d like. That’s it, easy peasy and done.

Shareaholic also has the directions for this and other customizations on their support site.

Note: Shareaholic is just one popular plugin that includes a “via @username” Your plugin settings may vary depending on what you’re using, but chances are there is a place to enter your Twitter username to accompany shares from your posts. Login to your dashboard, check it out, tweak the setting, and start getting the credit you deserve for those social shares.

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