Coffee Collectibles Niche Site Come to Life

So in the last Niche Notebook I talked about the phenomena of Starbucks collectibles and the high price tags they seem to have on eBay in particular. (A full set of Starbucks city mugs sells for around $10,000.) And then also how the site could be expanded with “make it at home” type recipes and fun little tidbits.

Well, the site was brought to life by a reader almost immediately….
Coffee Collectibles Site Screenshot

She did a great job getting the site up and already added some content, talking about the 2011 holiday collectibles and including a few make it at home recipes for the popular White Chocolate Mocha.

Awesome! I’m so glad to see Niche Notebook sparking ideas and creativity across the web. So stay tuned for another edition very soon 😉

Loretta Oliver

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  1. I remember that post. The site is so cute! How cool someone took fast action to put it out there, good job!


  1. […] everywhere I look lately. I had posted in Niche Notebook about coffee collectibles as a niche, and Christine took action on that and set up her site on it right away. Today Pam over at Shop Niche PLR announced a new PLR […]

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