Creating the Content for Site A with Forever Affiliate – Sharing a Content Creation Resource

So I’m into the content creation part of Forever Affiliate with Site A …
(and I’m into the setup on Site B – YAY)

In the program Andrew is kind enough to offer contact information for two content writers that he uses for his own content creation.

Of course, those two writers are very busy right now. Both have posted that there is a waiting list and turnaround times could be as much as four weeks right now. Don’t want to wait four weeks? Keep reading….

I think it’s awesome that Andrew is promoting the services of these awesome writers and sharing that resource with his community. Karma goes a long way in my corner of the internet 😉 They’ve obviously helped him out with his work and he’s returning the favor and helping them to get new clients and additional orders, at the same helping the Forever Affiliate students get great content written.

iwriter-get-articles-writtenIf you’re in a pinch and you want to get through the content creation stage a little bit faster without writing your own articles, I also have a recommended resource that I’ve used that I would like to share with you…

The site is called iWriter. The turnaround time at this service is really fast, often the same day. You can choose different levels of writer, different article lengths from short blog post to complete ebook, give specific directions for each project, etc….

If you find that you really like the work of a certain writer on one of your projects you can assign tasks to them or invite them to work on your other assignments for consistency purposes. Essentially, using iWriter is like having your own writing staff at your fingertips all the time.

In addition to having a rating system in place there is also an approval system. That can be really important because there are new writers joining the system all the time. If an article comes back to you and it’s poorly written or a writer didn’t follow directions, you can reject the article and either give the writer a chance to fix/resubmit or get a different writer to work on the assignment at no additional cost to you.

There’s also a re-write option available if you have a PLR package that you need rewritten for originality, tone, and SEO purposes. Very handy to have if you’re a PLR addict like I am!

I have used the iWriter service for a few projects in the past and I’ll be using them for at least one of my Forever Affiliate sites. I think it’s always good to have a variety of sources when it comes to content creation. Even if you’re creating your content yourself from scratch, sometimes there are just days when you don’t want to write and you can pull from your resource list and get something done.

2 thoughts on “Creating the Content for Site A with Forever Affiliate – Sharing a Content Creation Resource”

  1. Hi!
    I wanted to ask if you used iWriter for your Forever Affiliate content? If you did, how did it turn out for you? The quality of the content, the conversions on the website?

    1. I did a combination of my own writing and using the iWriter service. It worked out well for me, I used 4star and above writers when I ordered my articles and I gave them as much information as I possibly could. The articles that came back were very good quality and worked well as far as engagement on the site I used them for. I think out of a batch of 10 articles I only had to request minor revisions on two of them.

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