Deciding Whether or Not to Keep a Project

Nicole Dean asks industry experts questions about topics ranging from fun to serious business tips and marketing advice and shares the conversation on her blog each week in the form of what she affectionately calls Expert Briefs.

This week she asked a question that really resonated with me as it was something I was thinking about doing.

How do you know when to cut a project, client, or program … even if it’s a profitable one?

What a fantastic question and lots of great answers all around.

I have to really agree with Lynn Terry’s answer, “When it’s no longer fun. Or when it becomes stressful.” Indeed! And that is exactly where I was at with a project this week, it was both stressful and no longer fun.

What a ridiculous mess I had myself in. The answers the group chimed in with to Nicole’s question only further reinforced what I already knew, the project at hand needed to go far, far away.

The project included a broken website that I’m pretty sure was cursed from day one. So I scratched it off my to-fix-and-make-better list and I’m wiping the slate clean. Good-bye frustrating side project, see you never! That decision has been a huge relief and makes room in my schedule for more productive and more profitable projects. It’s win-win from this view.

Have a great weekend!
Loretta Oliver

1 thought on “Deciding Whether or Not to Keep a Project”

  1. Yep, putting a site up for auction tomorrow and trying really hard not to think of how much I could lose out on the auction. Getting it gone will clear my mind for moving forward on projects that deserve it!

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