Digging Into the Forever Affiliate Course

I wanted to post some initial thoughts here and share my progress with you because the launch discount ends March 1st and the price goes up. If you want to try out the program out, this week is the time to get registered. You go at your own pace so even if you don’t start until next week it’s worth it to join this week for the discounted price.

My initial review is that the program is outlining things that are a bit different than what I’ve done in the past, and I think that’s a good thing. I needed a fresh outlook on things and the methods explained in Forever Affiliate have been tested and proven by others, both new marketers and experienced marketers.

So far in the videos I’ve watched there have been tips and resources for outsourcing certain tasks if you want to, but it also covers how to do things yourself if you’re starting on a tighter budget. I like that approach – test now, profit a bit, then outsource additional tasks for growth. The videos are nicely done with slide presentations and live examples of websites and searches, so you can see things happening on the screen and then just go do them yourself. The visual cues let you know that you’re on the right path.

The one thing that I haven’t been very fond of so far is the transcripts. I know not everyone looks at the transcripts and it might not be a concern for many of you, but I need to read through things (and sometimes write things all over again) as part of my learning process. I could watch the video over and over on a loop all day and it’s not going to sink in unless I read and/or write down the things that are being discussed. I might be picky because I offer transcription services myself, but the transcripts provided in Forever Affiliate could be better. There are a lot of errors in terminology and quite a lot of missing words, it could certainly use some proofreading and editing.

I’ve gone through all the videos in Phase 1 of Forever Affiliate (there are three phases of the program) and I now have 4 pages front and back with notes and scribbles, thoughts and ideas. Much of Phase 1 is going over how to choose your niches and topics. I’ll admit that this part of the course is difficult for me because I’m having this inner mental battle of passion versus profit, imagination versus keyword tools, and info products versus physical products. It’s just all kinds of crazy inside my head some days.

I’ve also peeked ahead into Phase 2 and 3 just to get a rough idea of what I’m going to be doing after I choose the niches I want to test with the processes that Andrew goes over in the Forever Affiliate program. There are some interesting things about link building, which is where I often find myself struggling the most with my online projects. I see a few tips and methods in there that I’ll be applying to some of my existing web properties as well, so that’s an added benefit.

I’ll be narrowing down my ideas list after a little more research and I’m hoping to put up a site or two over the weekend to get started in Phase 2 of the program and I’ll talk about it and review it more as I get deeper into the process.

2 thoughts on “Digging Into the Forever Affiliate Course”

  1. I was disappointed in the transcripts, too. I think he should have included screenshots when doing the live stuff. It’s a bit confusing to read something like, “those results, that’s what were wanting to see” and having to go back to the video to figure out what he’s talking about.

    1. Glad it wasn’t just me – I know I’m a little picky about transcripts because I’m a transcriptionist but it has really been making me crazy. The further I get into the course the more it’s bugging me. I’ve been thinking about re-transcribing a few of them myself.

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