Electronics Reviews Affiliate Site Niche Project Update After Third Month Online

We did so much better at being consistent in month three than we did in month two.

  • We compiled a report about buying Tablet PCs and distributed that via sites like Scribd and also made it available on the site.
  • We added lots of content, at least four new pieces per week. Mostly product reviews, but we also had a handful of fun articles.
  • We submitted more than 10 articles to Ezine Articles and then we tweeted those articles out and shared them on Facebook, etc…
  • And of course we did a little link building and guest blogging. This is the area we really need to step things up with.

I feel much better about the work we did this month when compared to last month. So let’s have a look at the traffic and the sales…

Traffic is going back up now that we’re active again. We definitely need to keep adding new content to the site often so that we can maintain that flow. I’d like to see around 1,000 unique visitors per month by the end of July.


Sales were not at all what I had hoped in the month of May even though we had more content. Only one sale and a few small commissions via Skimlinks. To get the sales and commissions up to where we want them we’re going to follow along with Daily Affiliate Tasks and work on some more guest blogging during June.

Thank you for following along with us. I hope this series is helpful to you.
Loretta Oliver

==> Here’s the introduction of this project and the results of month one.
==> Here’s the results recap after month two.

5 thoughts on “Electronics Reviews Affiliate Site Niche Project Update After Third Month Online”

  1. Great job on picking up the pace of adding new content, backlinks, and unique visitors to your site! I would think that electronics is a tough market in which to rank (even for longer tail keywords) and an even tougher market in which to grab sales….simply because so many people price shop electronics. I’ve read some articles lately that Best Buy’s sales are suffering from shoppers going into stores to “try out” products and then going online to find better pricing. I would think that might hold true on a site like yours as well….people scour your site for review and product information and then go hunt down bargains for purchasing. I’m curious on your thoughts about that concept. Don’t get me wrong, I’m routing for you and your sales all the way……just wondering about the impact of site “leaks” in this particular market.

    As an aside for determing personal site goals, I’d be interested to know how much you were hoping to do in sales this month or where you hope a new site will be in how much time. (I don’t mean to be nosy about personal income….just looking to get a feel for what I might set my sights for on any given website. For example, if I were to either create a new site or work diligently on the Keurig review PLR site I bought or do the same with camping….would $100/month be a smart goal or would consistenly $1000/month be realistic or pie in the sky?)

    And, YES! This series is incredibly helpful, insightful, and informative!:) Thank you!!!!

  2. I like to start with small goals… first goal = one sale. Second goal = five sales. So on and so forth. I think $100 a month is a perfectly reasonable starting goal post and then see where it goes from there. Every niche is a little bit different, sometimes you just have to dip your toes in the water and test things out before you can set your big end goal.

  3. Great advice! Thank you! (Again, a case where I’d love to hit that like button!) I love your blog!!!!:)

    1. I have a Facebook button (plus Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn all up there. Are they not displaying for you? I wonder if it’s a browser issue)

  4. Oh, no…..they are there….humor is sometimes hard to translate online!:) I just meant that I was a little addicted to FB and like to hit that like button when I agree with people and like what they say. Then again, I guess posting it is the next best thing (or even better-lol)!:)

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