End of June’s Content Experiments; Results

June’s focus goal was creating more consistent content for two niche websites . (different sites, but in the same niche) I missed a few days of posting in the second half of the month because of other obligations, but came very close to a daily posting schedule.

June’s Experiment Site A:
At the beginning of June the site had 33 backlinks. I did no active link acquisition or anything to build links, I just published content and shared it.
At the end of June the site has 211 backlinks.

There were some extra social shares, but most of the post stayed within the average number of shares they would normally receive. I think I need to work on building the following a little bit more.

The site had 88 subscribers at the beginning of the month.
At the end of the month it has 120 subscribers.

June’s Experiment Site B:
At the beginning of June this site had 3,700 backlinks. I’m pretty active in communities with this site so I probably left a handful of blog comments around the web during the month – I’d say maybe a dozen or so. At the end of June there are 6,113 backlinks.

I did see a lot more social media sharing from this site with the regular content. There were three solid pillar content articles posted during the month and they were all shared quite a lot. There was also a new freebie added and it was shared thousands and thousands of times via Facebook and Pinterest, so maybe that’s why the backlink number is looking so much higher.

At the beginning of June the site had 2,316 newsletter subscribers. (added 130 in May)
At the end of June the site has 2,468 newsletter subscribers. (added 173 in June)

I also received some advertising offers and inquiries on both sites while publishing more frequent content, which could mean increased income in the future if I keep it up.

In conclusion….

My results were as I expected, the sites do much better with more frequent fresh content and a little bit of nurturing. Nothing surprising about that, I just wanted to put some numbers to the hypothesis and have a starting point for future tracking and content marketing efforts so I can see the growth over the next 6 to 12 months. I’m going to keep up publishing more frequent content on both of these sites, and maybe invite some guest contributors to add even more content.

3 thoughts on “End of June’s Content Experiments; Results”

    1. The sites are in a very visual niche and I posted a lot of sharable content during that month, so a large portion of the links are social media links. There is a mixture of follow and no follow according to ahrefs, but I don’t usually pay that much attention the follow attribute.

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