Exact Match Domain Name for a Cool Product or Brand; Just Don’t Do It

So a few folks are tempted to pick up exact match domain names for certain products they want to promote using Forever Affiliate. Andrew warns in the training about that being a huge risk because if the words you use are trademarked you can lose that domain name and all of your work in the amount of time it takes to say cease and desist.

Having been served one of those “you can’t have that in your domain name” notices and almost losing my affiliate status with a big network once upon a time, I recommend never messing with brand names or exact product names in the top level URL. I used the name of a branded product in a URL once, huge mistake. As soon as the site started doing well and getting traffic a notice showed up in my inbox.

Sometimes you’ll go under the radar, but it’s really not worth the risk.

Go with something more general or even better, go with something catchy and fun. Think of all the popular domains that aren’t even real words like Google and Squidoo, or put a funny word next to the broad term, like SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, LimeLizard, so on and so forth. Exact match isn’t really important these days, because honestly it doesn’t win you any points in the search engines.

All that said, it is nice to have a broadly related term in the URL just so that your site name makes sense. If you want some help brainstorming a domain name or if you’re stuck, feel free to drop me a note and I’ll do my best to help get you out of your rut.

Need a Domain Name?

I prefer using Namecheap for my domains. (Better prices and better customer service than other registrars that I’ve used in the past.)

Then I use Reliable Webs for hosting those websites.
Read my review of Reliable Webs and why I’m a happy customer.

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