Fall RocketMoms Week #1 Challenge: About Me Lenses

To kick off the Fall 2011 session of RocketMoms Bonnie challenged us with an “about me” themed lens. I used to really dislike doing anything in an “about me” style, I don’t even like writing my own bio for forum profiles, but thanks to Bonnie and the RocketMoms I’ve learned to embrace this topic and pulled some interesting information out of my brain, surprising even myself on occasion. My ‘about me’ lenses are now actually some of my highest ranked lenses on Squidoo now. (Side Note: if you’re not familiar with Squidoo, I’ll add here that higher rankings means higher earnings since they pay a portion of revenue share. I’ll have another post about this later.)

Now, when we say “about me” at RocketMoms it doesn’t have to be about you in the traditional sense you think of online ~ it can be about you, about your family, about a hobby you enjoy, your pet, a tradition, a vacation, a recipe, something you like, etc…. basically anything you can think of! During the Summer session I wrote about working from home and created a personal story kind of lens in an interview format. It was a great success, received loads of comments, and even earned a Purple Star Award.

This session I decided to go with something personal again and talk about my gluten allergy.

I went gluten free in March of this year and realized that I was in fact allergic to gluten, it was a sudden change in lifestyle and I really earned a new appreciation for food. The lens is personal in nature, tells a story, includes pictures and information. I wasn’t really going for a “make money” kind of lens here, though if it ranks high enough on Squidoo it could certainly earn a nice share of revenue. We’ll see how that goes over time.

For good measure I did sprinkle keywords into the URL, the title, the headers, and of course the content where they fell into place naturally. It’s definitely a topic that interests people and gluten free is a bit of a buzz these days…

I’m actually running a bit behind on this session between school stuff and everyone getting sick recently, so I’ve got some more to create this weekend to catch up to the rest of the group. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day,
Loretta Oliver

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