Fall RocketMoms Week #2 Challenge: October Fun!

The second challenge in this session of RocketMoms was to create fun lenses around fall topics, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, festive crafts, favorite recipes, etc… I think this is one of the busiest times for Squdioo traffic, my Halloween and holiday lenses get loads of traffic… and they make quite a few affiliate sales as well.

For this challenge I actually ended up with two lenses. I put together a lens of pet Halloween costumes and safety and one on Halloween window decorations.

These lenses ended up as part of the new Squidoo Halloween magazine, so they look a little different than the usual lenses might.

The pet Halloween costumes and safety took a popular topic (the costumes) and added a new twist by including some safety tips and alternative ideas, like a Halloween collar instead of a full costume because, let’s face it, some pets don’t like being stuffed into restricting costume apparel.

And the Halloween window decorations lens is a lot of fun I’d love to have if I had some nice big windows to decorate! I love Halloween and I wish I had more opportunity to decorate and a more “Halloween friendly” neighborhood, but that’s another story for another day.

I’m caught up to the group now and we’re working on week three of the session, and it’s all about nicheing down, perfect!

Have a great day,
Loretta Oliver