Fall RocketMoms Week #3 Challenge: Nice (Super) Niche!

I almost forgot to blog about this one, oops! The to-do list has been quite full and I’m juggling some crazy chaos at home with teenager dentist appointments and my husband working some extra hours at the office. Busy as a bee lately, but in a good way.

The third week’s RocketMoms challenge was to pick a niche and then narrow into something specific and get super targeted. Sounds perfect to me! I was itching to put up a few more Halloween themed lenses and decided to do a new costume lens. To narrow things down I went for women’s costumes, women’s vampire costumes, and added a twist of being a little different and not our classic female vampire with red lips and a black cloak, unless of course you wanted to go that route.

The result of this challenge was my Unique Vampire Costumes for Women lens…

Week four was posted already and it looks “delicious,” but I’ve got a few other things to do before I work on lenses this week!

Make it a profitable day,
Loretta Oliver