Finding Something You Can Write About Forever, and Ever, and Ever…

brokenpencilandpaperWhen people are talking about choosing a niche you’re passionate about they always say things like you should pick something you could talk about all day, or pick the thing that you sit and talk about with friends all the time, or something people ask you about a lot, or something you just enjoy. It seems like it should be easy to figure out, but truth be told it’s freaking hard.

I am passionate about cross stitch and needlework, I love it, I enjoy it, people ask me about it, I share things with friends, etcetera and so forth. so it seems like a reasonable niche candidate for me, right? I’ll tell you right now that I love and adore my stitching blog, but I can’t really talk about it all day, I don’t have an endless supply of posts in my mind and I struggle to write articles there.
There, I said it.

I’ve been tossing around ideas, rearranging my schedule, re-evaluating projects, and consolidating efforts, making much needed changes in my life. When it came down it, I found one thing that I could write about at length, every day, any day, any time of day, and I actually opened a new blog. I’m not going to tell you the niche or the URL, I am using a pseudonym on the website, but within just two days I scheduled 10 posts. It didn’t even take me that long. I could keep writing if I wanted to … forever.
No really, forever.

The surprising parts: It was not something I considered myself an expert at. It was not something my friends ask me about. It’s something that’s difficult for people to talk about. It wasn’t something I considered a passion necessarily, but something that I’m always interested in learning more about, always reading about, always keeping an eye on. It was newsworthy, but not always main stream media friendly.

So if I’m not pointing you to this new amazing blog, why am I telling you all of this stuff? Because if you’re out there and you haven’t figured out what your niche is, what your ultimate topic is, and you’re thinking “why the f#&% is this so hard?” I want you to know that it’s okay, you’re not alone.

And when that topic finally comes along it will smack you in the forehead like one of those V8 commercials. You’ll start writing and you won’t be able to stop writing. It will be fantastic. That will happen for you someday, I promise.

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