First Site Set Up with Forever Affiliate

Fortunately I can set up and install WordPress and change settings with my eyes closed, because I’m half asleep this weekend. I was determined to get through at least half of Phase Two in Forever Affiliate and have at least one of my new niche sites set up and ready to get content added over the next week or two.

The entire first half of Phase Two is all set up details. Andrew covers every step from buying the domain name, configuring your hosting, installing WordPress and getting plugins set up and configured properly. Very detailed and very helpful, he keeps everything low tech and easy so that even if this is your very first time putting together websites you’ll be able to follow along with the videos and just click where he clicks to get things done in no time flat.

Again, my only criticism is the transcripts. It’s the weekend, my kids are home, video games are pinging and the soccer ball keeps hitting the side of the house. These things don’t bother me – in fact, I love hearing them – but I wanted to work from the transcript after I watched the video once through and I just couldn’t do that so much. I had to go back through the video and make my own notes to refer to – Yes, I pretty much re-transcribed the video. What can I say? I’m picky when it comes to transcripts.

At first I thought to myself, “Site set up, easy peasy, I’ll breeze right through this.” But then Andrew got to Step 6 of Phase Two where he went over exactly how he sets up the All In One SEO Plugin on his sites… and I took a moment to pay much closer attention. I went into a few of my existing niche sites and changed the settings I already had to the ones that Andrew recommended in this step. I realized that I had a few things set up incorrectly on a site that is very important to me so I hope the changes are helpful going forward.

I’m setting up my Analytics and Disclosure statements on Site A right now and then I’m signing off to go enjoy the sunshine with the kids…. I’ll set up Site B tomorrow 😉

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