Forever Affiliate Phase 2 Update

So here we are. I’m right in the middle of Phase 2 in Forever Affiliate, which includes some slow link building and the beginning of site promotion.

Site A is showing some ranking improvements and moving up nicely, little trickles of traffic coming in already are nice to see.

Site B has a little more difficult competition so it’s not getting as much as quickly, but I was expecting that to be the case. I like a challenge, so I’m ready for it.

This particular phase of the process requires one of the most difficult things to find on the internet – patience. So I’m going to pretend that I have the patience required and work on my research for Site C and Site D so that I can get those started.

If you’re working your way through the course, I’d love to hear how your progress is coming along as well. If there’s anything I can help with, just give me a shout.

If you’d like to read about my progress through the course, you can find all those blog posts here.

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  1. My sites started getting traffic quickly as well. I find linking building combersome. I am still doing the work like you. I think ky content is not good so I am trying to improve it.

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