From eCourse and eBook to Kindle Published?

Wow, April just slipped right on by and it’s already the middle of May and I need to really look at my goals. I’ve been a little all over the place lately. Things are getting done and checked off of to-do lists, but I haven’t been working in a very focused way.

I had mentioned previously that one of my goals was to update my transcription course with some new information and also to publish a version of that to Kindle. I made some progress there – I have the revision written and I’ll be sending that out to the list for that product.

I’m having some difficulty with how I want to handle the Kindle version of it though… Since the product is originally delivered via email they get the main report, plus some bonus short reports, and then there’s a sequence of follow-up messages with more information, Q&A, and so forth. It’s sort of a living entity, I’m always adding to it and sending out little pieces of information to the students. So for the Kindle version I need to figure out if I want to take all those messages and stuff them into the “book” or if I want to somehow funnel Kindle readers to the email list.

I’m leaning towards funneling them into a special “Kindle buyers” email signup page. It could be the last page of the Kindle version of the report that sends them to a URL to enter their email address to get the rest of the ongoing materials. I might include some of the information in the “book” part, because I’m sure not everyone is going to go to the email list and join there to get the rest of it.

The other thing that has me wondering is how to price the Kindle version of the product. Normally it’s a $27 product via Clickbank. That includes updates, a private Facebook group, and all my contact information in case they have questions. I’m having trouble representing that same value squished into a Kindle version.

The other thought that I had was to send them just the report via Kindle and call it a “light” version of Transcription Crash Course for a discounted price and then the URL I send them to on the last page be an “upgrade” to get the list, the updates, the private Facebook group, etc. Does that make sense?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and what you would prefer to receive if you were a customer. Leave me a comment below and discuss….
Loretta Oliver

2 thoughts on “From eCourse and eBook to Kindle Published?”

  1. I’m inexperienced at actually doing, but I think I have a PhD from “studying” internet marketing in its various forms, so with that disclaimer in mind….here are my observations:
    1) Most “mainstream” (major publishers’ books) that I see on Amazon have the Kindle Version priced at $9.99 even if the physical copy is substantially more money. 2) Anyone with experience in IM continuously beats the drum that you make money on your products not by the 1st sale to someone, but on the backend. So, with those 2 concepts in mind, my inclination would be to price the Kindle version competitively with other Kindle products (so $9.99 seems right or less if non-publisher products are actually sold for less). I would make it a complete book from an information standpoint, but add any resources or additional assistance or memberships as extras. The extras can be freebies offered on your site as links within the kindle version. Purchasers of the Kindle version could be offered something free or highly discounted with a special Kindle code either within the body of the text itself or with their order form. But at the end of the day, I would absolutely have a non-invasive way of getting those who were willing to shell out cash for the Kindle edition onto your list….they are MUCH more likely to buy something else from you than someone who is on your list but has never purchased before.

    I would suggest the main book be the 1 main info product-maybe with a short bonus report or 2 tacked on. THEN give the reader the offer for another bonus short report as a “thank you” if they enter a certain code (and their email of course). Once they do that, you can send them your “drip campaign” of follow up emails, including an upgrade “coaching or mastermind group” offer.

    That’s just my 2 cents. One of these days I’ll actually put in practice some of what I’ve been absorbing like a sponge.:) Good luck with your product!:)

  2. I totally agree with Lori above and what you stated about creating a “light” version for Kindle. But then, get them on your list perhaps with the offer of the upgraded price for access to all of the other things. You’ll keep them around longer instead of selling the book as a one-off. I’m happy for you that you were able to get the revisions done and move on to the next step:)

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