Getting My Teenagers Blogs this Holiday Season

Yes, you read that right. One of the stocking stuffers for my older two boys will be their own websites… well, blogs. Same thing. They’ve been bugging me to set them up with something that they can work on – apparently cross stitch and Squidoo are not interesting enough for them and they want their own projects now.

I love that they want to create content and work on websites and learn all sorts of things about running and managing a website – so I’m glad to give them this gift for the holidays.

But, I’m torn here. I know these boys – they get distracted and change their minds, a lot. They grow new interests. Dylan is 14 picks a new sport to play every other week. Lucas is in that awkward “I’m 13, but I kind of still like toys” stage of life.

So do I set them up with free platform blogs or should I go full out and buy them their own domain names? My first instinct was to buy the domain names, thinking if they get bored or abandon them that I could flip the sites later on and they could use the money to buy video games or whatever. Then I thought this is their first project, maybe it should be “disposable” in a way and just use a free platform. But, free platforms don’t let you monetize and they’re not as much fun when it comes to customization and they want to learn about those aspects of having a website. Decisions, decisions. I think I’m going to go with domain names and WordPress installations. I have a few weeks to think about it.

Do your kids have their own websites? I’d love to hear from some other internet marketing parents out there – what platforms are you finding work best with your kids, how long before they got bored with it, are they rocking out a cool teenager niche? Share your stories in the comments section or leave a link to your own blog post for me to check out.
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6 thoughts on “Getting My Teenagers Blogs this Holiday Season”

  1. My Lucas (almost 14) and I have talked about a blog for the last year. I think I will plan on it for his birthday in February. In fact I just went and registered the domain name we’d come up with. It will be a review site for his favorite thing, bacon cheeseburgers 🙂

    I am curious to hear from others about if the kids got bored with it quickly or not.

  2. Both my older children (ages 14 and 12) have sites. My 12 yo has had several over the last three years. We’ve used self-hosted wordpress under my hosting accounts, so the only cost is the annual cost of the domain name and time. For less than $10, I consider it an amazing education in what it takes to put up a site and maintain it, into the technology involved, and the opportunity to share thoughts and audience is worth so much more. If they change interest, then we let it go. This year at 12 and 14, they are using my checklists to do all the work themselves, which is a HUGE learning experience. And it’s fun to collaborate with them. I’ve learned a lot about my kids and their instincts for business and talents they have that I would never have discovered without working with them to create their own sites and giving them real life business choices to make. all for what, $10. The roi is incredible.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too. I have plenty of hosting space so I wouldn’t really need anything other than the domain so I might as well set them up that way.

      I like the idea of using checklists… that sounds like a good idea!

  3. We use the addon domains too. Our youngest (he’s 18) is in charge of several of our niche blogs – and he’s done them installation to design to maintainance. He’s learned a lot about the *need* for diligence and paying attention to details, and I’m waiting for him to learn to have those qualities without being nagged…

    A couple of years ago he started his own blog – about gaming. He worked on it constantly for about two months – and hasn’t touched it since, mainly because he lost interest in gaming. Funny, though, he even had one of his friends to a guest blog post.

    1. I am really worried about the boys working hard for two months and then getting bored or just plain forgetting all about their blogs. I think my oldest is interested in the graphical and technical aspects too so I’m going to let him to set up and design, but my 13 yr old just wants to do the fun parts :-p

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