Goodbye 2012, Hello Goals for 2013!

happy-new-yearIt has been an interesting year for me. I had a lot of goals in mind when 2012 started and by the middle of the year my focus had completely shifted. I have a lot of things happening right now as we all head into 2013 and I’m ready to set some lofty and exciting goals for myself….

Reviewing the Close of 2012

One of the first things that’s going on for me is a big change in my transcription service, I’m expanding, growing, and learning to balance the new work flow of it all. In 2012 I went from working solo to managing a team, to managing an even bigger team and taking on plenty of new clients, all while experimenting with different add-on services to make my client’s lives easier. It’s been a journey for sure – and I love every minute of it!

The second thing I did as 2012 came to a close was expand my cross stitch website to be multi-author. I was in a weekly brainstorming session at Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz and we narrowed down that to keep my traffic numbers moving I needed daily content. I’m not always able to post daily on my own, so I asked my community if anyone would be interested in being a guest contributor – by the end of that day I had 7 authors on board and ready to blog on the site at least once per month. It was amazing – the solution was right there waiting for me and it has worked out wonderfully so far.

The third thing I did was give my Transcription Crash Course product and overhaul and an update – but then I got busy and I completely forgot to upload it and send it out. I finally finished that up and sent out the update, but I’ll be doing a full program re-launch in January 2013. (If you’re interested in being an affiliate for that program it’s through Clickbank, but I do have an affiliate tools page here: and I’ll add some new banners there during the re-launch)

I also started a podcast in 2012 at, and it’s something that I am really enjoying! I can’t believe I waited so long to start a project like that. There may just be a Niche Twitch podcast in the future … maybe.

Setting the Goals for 2013

I’ll start with the income goal. I’m not setting a specific dollar amount here. Instead my goal is to become a home owner in 2013 – whatever it takes. We’re not having much luck in securing a mortgage even though our credit has greatly improved over the last five years. This year I am determined to find some way to make it all work and to buy a house that we can call our own. We are even looking into the option of purchasing the rental home we currently live in and making some renovations and adding onto it (it’s very small for a family of six, we have maybe 800-900 square feet, no storage space, and only one bathroom with teenagers in the house) … we’ll see how that all pans out.

I would like to keep the podcast going and happening on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis while we grow that site out and add some reports and courses along the way during the year. It’s going to become an informative and fun resource for virtual assistants, and it’s a project that is really close to my heart because I want it to be there to help others who might just be getting started or are struggling to get over hurdles in their service based businesses.

I haven’t mentioned Squidoo yet in my goals here …. I’m sort of wrestling with it right now and I’m not sure if I want to include Squidoo in my main goals and plans at this point. They are constantly changing things, as social sites often do, and in 2012 a few of those changes started off in a direction that I didn’t really enjoy as a user of the site. I won’t go into details here today, I’m already rambling a bit and I don’t want this to become a rant post.

Instead of Squidoo, I think I’d like to get back to making small niche websites that can grow into authority sites on a particular topic. I’m considering a few areas right now, but I haven’t decided on anything firmly yet. Things have been so busy, I really need to sit down and do a brain dump of all the ideas and choose which things are the most important to me.

My transcription service is going to continue to grow and expand and I look forward to adding new team members and making improvements all throughout the year. It’s going to be awesome!

I already mentioned the re-launch of my Transcription Crash Course product coming up in January – that’s exciting. I had considered creating a Kindle option and I even started working on the documents – and then I decided that wasn’t really the platform I wanted for that particular product and I want to continue offering it as an ebook with follow up emails because I feel the ability to follow up is really important for that product. However, I might write something a little shorter specifically for the Kindle if I find myself with some extra time one weekend.

Speaking of Kindle – that’s another goal. I’d like to get a few titles published on Kindle in 2013. I haven’t actually planned those out yet, so I’ll let you know when I decide which projects I’m going to take that path with.

Overall, 2013 is going to be about focus, passion, happiness and enjoying what I do. And that is as it should be.

All right …. I’m off to ring in the new year with the family. Happy New Year!!

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