Happy to Report Sales on Niche Site B

dollar_currency_signAfter my last post about traffic without conversions, I’m happy to report that three sales came in from the site. Just when I thought that I was about to be stuck the sales popped up. Three sales all for the exact products I recommended and from pages that ranked well for their target keyword.

Happiness… I feel like such a geek, but it made me really happy. Sure, I’ve had plenty of affiliate sales from my websites in the past. It wasn’t my first dollar online, but it still had that same feeling of accomplishment.

Plans for Niche Site B….

Traffic is still coming in and the rankings keep improving for the additional keywords. I’m going to add a few more pages of content, a few more product links, and keep working on all the usual tasks, like building backlinks and site promotion.

I do still think that a different affiliate program would convert better, so I’ll keep applying and being persistent. In the meantime, I think I’m going to add SkimLinks and see how well it performs there.

How did we get here?

If you’re just stopping by for the first time and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you can see the progress on my Niche Site B project over the past three months here.

2 thoughts on “Happy to Report Sales on Niche Site B”

    1. LOL ~ feel free to ask daily.

      The first three came before your email, but another handful came in while we were talking about it :-p

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