HubPages Launches Their Niche Sites…

Since acquiring Squidoo I feel like HubPages has been trying to recover and regain their footing to make a comeback. Today they launched their new line of niche sites with 25 separate networks where you can create content on niche topics….

I clicked around a bit and they all still feel like HubPages just on different domain names, nothing really special happening yet. They just feel meh, bland, not as exciting as I had hoped they would be. Some of the categories only have one or two pages in them so far, which is okay since it’s a work in progress, but some pages appear to be in the wrong categories already.

I’ve actually moved most of my content out of HubPages already because it just didn’t feel like the right place for it, but I do still have a handful of pages in there that might fit into these new niche sites better. They don’t have a way to request moving a page yet, but they mentioned they’re working on it and they have curators browsing and choosing things as well.

Right now I don’t see myself creating anything for these new niche HubPage networks, but maybe in the future I’ll create a page or two. Although, the LetterPile one has me a bit interested since it’s about literature, books, and writing, etc… I might need to hang around that one a bit since I do adore the topic.

What do you think about this new approach from HubPages? Any plans or ideas for creating content on these new platforms?

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