I Walked Right Into That Spam!

Whoopsies! I walked right into a big old spamfest and didn’t even realize I was going there. My last Niche Notebook post was around the keywords for women’s hair loss…. a niche I considered myself and then decided other projects were more important. What I didn’t realize was that it was a big spam attraction magnet.

I received a few hundred spam comments per day after I posted that, all linking to some ugly junk sites, mostly running multiple huge Adsense ad blocks per page and/or selling snake oil miracle cures with very little real content to be found on them. Not saying Adsense is a bad thing, I’m saying there were more ads per page than content. If your visitors have to hunt to find the content because there are so many ad blocks then the page isn’t valuable.

If I had gotten deeper into my research process on the topic I probably would have discovered the junk and spam surrounding the topic. And I admit, I probably should have known there would be some because there is so much competitiveness and spam in the men’s category for that same topic. So as an update to that Niche Notebook idea, I would like to add that there is spamming happening in that category and it’s something to be mindful of.

However, as an addition to that note I want to also say that creating a true resource site with real content that adds value and provides good information would make it easy for you to dominate the keywords in a Google-Zoo online world. Panda and Penguin don’t favor those sorts of junk sites at all, so creating truly valuable content on the topic of women’s hair loss could reasonably have you moving up the SERPs pretty quickly.

So go create value in the marketplace and become the go-to site for real information – stand out from the crowd of junk and make someone’s life a little better with the information you provide them.


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  1. Exactly! Totally love this post, because we learned a lesson with you (this topic is spammy, approach with caution) and more importantly, you got to emphasize the importance of good content. And point out that even with typically spammy content, or content that spammers jump on, we can come up on top! Good marketing FTW! 😉
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