I’m Not an Angry Marketer – Honest I’m Not

After my lengthy rant about false urgency in marketing a few people felt I was just an angry marketer, and over the past few years I’ve been accused of being “angry all the time, never smiling,” blah blah blah… I’m smiling on the inside, okay.

I was however quite frustrated with some trends I was seeing in my inbox. Marketers that I previously found to be fascinating and honest creatures were jumping on the bandwagon of “make money fast” and promoting things that really seemed out of sorts for them – things that were full of false urgency and junk tactics. I was dismayed, discouraged, and yes perhaps I was a little angry – but mostly I was just disappointed.

I’ve been on an “unsubscribe” spree since then and my inbox is a happier place again. I’m still working my way through some unsubscribing and I plan on dropping a few monthly memberships at the end of the month.

The bottom line truth: I’m not interested in marketers with false claims, I’m not interested in people who spam behind closed doors, I’m not interested in a lot of the less than honest tactics that have been happening around the web lately.

That may make you say that it’s hard to find mentors in the affiliate marketing space. To which I say – you’re looking in the wrong place. That guy over there with the flashing sign and megaphone is probably not the person you’re looking for. That polite gal in the corner quietly taking notes, she’s the one you really want to hang out with.

That’s all I have to say about that, for now.

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