Interesting New Niche: Wearable Fitness Tech for Your Dog

So early this morning I was browsing around looking at some cool new technology stuff on Amazon when I came across not one but two different wearable tech devices for dogs. At first I sort of wondered why my dogs would need such a thing. Then I looked down to see my two aging dogs laying around doing nothing and wondered to myself, “Are they still getting enough exercise in a day? I’m not even sure. They definitely don’t do as much as they used to.”

The more I thought about it the more it seemed like a useful device. Making sure your four legged friends get enough exercise is a critical part of their care and it can be hard to keep track, so why not use a wearable device to make sure they are getting the best possible care you can give them. That and they look kind of fun.

So here are two examples that are available through Amazon, these are brand new products to the marketplace through Amazon’s new Launchpad section.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

Hachiko Smart Dog Sensor

Both devices have different features and come in different colors, attach to your pet’s collar easily, and sync up with your phone or device to give you alerts and track the data.

What are your thoughts on this interesting little niche inside the pet space?

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