Interesting Niche of the Week: Location Independent Lifestyles

It’s the dream of working online, living wherever you want or no where at all, taking your business with you in your pocket and being able to work from anywhere in the world while you travel and experience amazing things.


Need a little help getting started with content for this site? has a fresh new pack of 5 articles ready to go on this topic that you can pick up and start publishing content with today.

  • Planning Ahead: You Can’t Just Run Away from Home
  • Maintaining an Income: Internet Jobs You Can Do Anywhere
  • World Traveler or American Expatriot: Choosing Where to Live
  • Dealing with the Details: Paying Bills and Banking from Abroad
  • Uncle Sam Still Wants YOU: Tax Concerns for ExPats

These topics would be great for a new website about the internet marketing lifestyle, an existing site or podcast about creating financial freedom to do the things you want in life, a fun spin on things for a travel website to talk about the reasons why people might travel frequently, etc….

best plr content

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