Interesting Niche of the Week: Vampire Kisses

I’ve been slacking on sharing new niche ideas here so I thought I should get back to doing that… I like to skim through the niche discovery section of Keyword Canine every now and then and just see what pops out at me. Today that just happened to be the phrase vampire kisses.


After a few minutes I realized that this was a book series that seems to be targeted towards teenagers… so of course it’s available on Amazon


This could be a good topic to pick up if you have a book review blog or a site for vampire fanatics. If you’re looking for a fun angle you could compare it to the popular Twilight series or to some of the other teenage romance stories that are out there right now.

Within a few minutes of searching I realized there is a major fan following for these books. There are even fans that went so far as to make movie trailers in hopes of helping the author get a movie deal. As far as I can tell there are no real movie plans at the moment, but it looks like fans are really pushing for one to happen. That alone is super interesting to watch… faithful fans do amazing things for both books and movies.

If you do something with this topic, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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