Into the Promotion Phase with Forever Affiliate

I’m into the site promotion stages with both Site A and Site B. The first few weeks of promotion includes slow link building and a lot of patience.

Both sites are “done” but more content can be added if I decide to grow them out. I may make a few small tweaks here and there during this first few weeks of promotion.

I’m handling this few weeks of promotion myself on Site A, but I outsourced a little bit of it for Site B.

I’m only a week into the slow link building and both sites are getting search engine traffic already. That seems like a good sign.

Site A seems to be off to a really good start on rankings…

That’s all I’ve got for today. I need to get off the computer, my boys are on Spring Break all this week and we have 10,000 things to get done.

Click here to review all of what I’ve been doing with the Forever Affiliate course. Leave a comment on any post in the series if you’d like to ask me about the program, about the sites I’m building, or anything else affiliate marketing related.

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