Introducing Niche Notebook

Welcome to my Niche Notebook. This is the category where I’ll be sharing niche ideas, website themes, and all sorts of things that I’ve scribbled down in my niche notebook with you.

I want you to understand that this is a real physical notebook that I carry around with me – everywhere – and I write ideas down on paper with a pen or pencil or a Sharpie, or whatever I can grab when the idea strikes me. If we met in person at NAMS, you’ve likely caught a glimpse of this notebook in real life.

The niche notebook was actually the beginning inspiration for the Niche Twitch blog! I am scribbling down ideas in this notebook nearly every day, whether they are for new niches or ways to expand niches that I’m already working on. The truth of the matter is that I can’t possibly work on every project that crosses my mind and stay sane, it’s just not possible. I wanted a way to share these ideas and hopefully spark some new ideas in the minds of others, thus Niche Twitch was born.

So when you see the Niche Notebook banner on the top of a post you’re going to be getting a page straight out of my notebook. It might be just a topic idea, it might be an outline for a new website, it might be a keyword list, it might even be something I’ve worked on or something I haven’t worked on yet. I hope you enjoy this category, stay tuned for the first page of the notebook coming soon.

Kind Regards,
Loretta Oliver

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