Is Google Really Your Search Engine of Choice? Bing It On!

You’ve likely seen the commercials by now where Bing has taken to the streets “in Google’s backyard” and has been doing a blind test to see which search results people actually prefer, as in which first page of search results give you the best and most useful information.

In case you haven’t seen the commercial – here you go –

Bing It On Challenge from MultiVu Video on Vimeo.

And now that you have the general idea, it’s time to play (*drumroll*) Bing It On!

Yes, I had to go and try it out for myself. I didn’t have a clear favorite going into this. Way back when Yahoo was my favorite. Then I went to Google because they seemed to be leading the race. But lately I’ve found myself going to Bing more and more, especially when trying to help my kids with their homework, because it has been faster at getting me the real results I need.

So here we go…. in the blind test you search for 5 different things and each time you’re presented with a split screen of results to choose which one gives you the best result. Best of five rounds is the winner. I went with some typical things that I would actually be searching for….

Round #1:
cross stitch ornaments (because I cross stitch all the time and I also have a cross stitch website)
This was a close call, but I chose because I saw a tutorial that was really valuable information on the side that I picked.

Round #2
inspirational quotes (because everyone needs to be inspired)
-it was a draw – both sides had good content and almost the same results in a slightly different order –

Round #3
gluten free holiday recipes (because I’m allergic to gluten and we’re planning our holiday menus)
I chose the side I did because it included more actual recipes and information, whereas the other side presented mostly newspaper articles and links to junk for sale.

Round #4
epson xp-200 printer review (because I was actually shopping for a printer)
-this one was a draw – the results were almost identical with sites like Consumer Reports and Price Grabber dominating the first page results

Round #5
league of legends game tips (because my 15 year old asked me to help him find something)
Chose the one we did because it had some great game tip resources, the other side was mostly junk and what a marketer would likely consider “cheap adsense sites”

The Results:

Now because I wound up with two searches that were a draw mine was really best 2 our of 3 with Bing being the clear winner on providing the best information.

Happy searching!
Loretta Oliver

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