Is Your Online Business Safe From the FTC?

We often joke that FTC is going to be shutting down affiliate websites everywhere, kicking in doors and taking huge fines from your bank account in the middle of the night. It’s a joke and it’s funny, except when the FTC is actually shutting down your business and closing down your website by using your own privacy policy against you.

Meet Chip Cooper, Esq… he represents Internet, software, and SaaS clients in the areas of website legal compliance, Internet marketing, intellectual property, and licensing and distribution transactions. In his presentation for the NAMS community this week he went over his “score card” to help you determine if you should be concerned about your legal liabilities. Looking at those score cards has been seriously eye-opening stuff for everyone.

nams-7-legal-gotchas presentation preview

==> Click here to check out the presentation, grab the score card and learn how the FTC can shut down your business if you’re not careful.

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