June Goal: Fresh Content for 30 Days

I’ve been so inconsistent with my content over the last year – thanks to being sick for an extended period of time. My niche projects suffered and lost momentum a bit. I need to get back to consistent sharing and find my content creation groove again.

I decided to focus my efforts for 30 days in June sticking to a planned editorial calendar on two of my niche sites to hopefully see some growth and some return to the profitable side of the line. For both of these sites the main things I’ll be measuring are email subscribers and increased affiliate income.

June’s Experiment Site A: offers all free content, monetized by advertisements and affiliate links. All short content (300 words or less in most cases)
Content Plan: One short blog post per day for 30 days.

June’s Experiment Site B: offers a combination of free and paid content, supported by ads and affiliate links. Content is both long and short, some for fun and some educational, includes several tutorials. Site also has frequent guest authors with tutorials and conversation style posts. I’d like to say it’s an authority site, that’s the goal of it anyway.
Content Plan: One short blog post per day for 30 days. Plus one long form content article within the month, what some might refer to as a pillar article. Plus one tutorial within the month. Plus one product review within the month.

I have other sites and I’m working on content plans for them, perhaps even editorial calendars, but I’m so far out of practice and out of the loop on everything in those spaces from the months I was ill that I want to step back, catch up, do some reading, and tackle those with more frequent writing and posting in July and August.

What do your June goals look like? Leave a comment below and share 🙂

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