Karon Thackston Made My Day on Facebook

So I’m sitting around in my pajamas recovering from some dental surgery this week and trying to get a little bit of work done here and there when I can, and admittedly it has not been a very productive week for me at all. Then today something came up on Facebook that just made me smile and improved the quality of my day ten-fold.

Karon Thackston, queen of website copywriting, someone that I look to as a thought leader and teacher, complimented me on one of blog post headlines…


Seriously, that made me feel pretty awesome. Karon looks at headlines and content all day, every day. To have grabbed her attention even for a moment with a headline that I wrote feels like a huge accomplishment in my world.

And, yes, it really did improve my day greatly. I was sitting here poking around on Facebook wondering if the swelling in my lip would ever go away and if my face would feel normal in time to record my podcast episode tomorrow morning when the notification popped up that Karon had tagged me in a post. I sat here and smiled for as long as I could, then I realized that it kind of hurt to do that -lol-

What’s the point of this blog post? First, I get to brag a little bit. Second, I get to introduce you to Karon if you haven’t met her already. Check out her blog, she’s pretty darn brilliant.

Thank you again to Karon for the wonderful comment. And thank you to everyone who has been hanging out here, reading and commenting. It’s all much appreciated.

What should you do after reading this blog post? Go leave a nice comment for someone else. It might just be the pick-me-up they need today.

8 thoughts on “Karon Thackston Made My Day on Facebook”

  1. Totally awesome! Way to go, girl!

    I’ve recently been reading up on this topic at Upworthy. Very interesting stuff – they’ve done a lot of research with headlines and grabbing attention. Every. single. thing. they publish has 25 headlines written for it. Yep, every one. It’s a habit they make all their writers get into. Cool stuff.
    Lisa Marie Mary recently posted..Scary Table ManMy Profile

    1. 25 headlines for everything? Damn. That’s a lot of headlines. I can be creative, but I don’t think I can come up with 25 titles for every.single.thing I write.

    1. Thanks! Glad I’m getting better at this attention grabbing thing – and go figure, on that one I really didn’t try that hard. I did one title edit – It was originally something like “The Dark Side of Guest Blogging” but I decided it was not the time for a Star Wars reference … maybe another day -lol-

    1. I actually decided not to attend NAMS in February. I may consider attending the summer session, because I miss seeing everyone. Thinking about attending Savvy Blogging next year as well, depending on when their 2013 event falls on the calendar.

  2. Oh boy, I bet you were floating on air for a while. Thanks for the introduction to Karon — she’s definitely someone I need to follow.

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