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I no longer use or recommend Keyword Canine as a keyword research and discovery tool. It was good for a year or two and then support and interest by the developers dwindled away.

Last year I shrunk my budget for tools and products because I was spending too much and not using all the cool things I was buying. So I thought long and hard this week before I purchased Keyword Canine.

You see, I’ve had a really hard time finding a keyword tool that I like and that I can use without getting a headache. I’ve tried so many over the past five years, I thought I was running out of options. When I saw the videos and information for Keyword Canine it seemed like it might be “the one” for me. It was simple to use, it showed level of difficulty to rank for a keyword at a glance, and it scoured the web to find random keywords for you and pulled them into it’s little brainstorming tool.

So when registration opened up again this week I went straight to the site. (I had been on the “notify me” list for awhile, because last time it was open I couldn’t make up my mind fast enough and it closed up.) At first I still hesitated, I had to run through my “do I need this” checklist. After a few days of deliberating with myself I confirmed that I needed it and would certainly put it to good use this year.

My checklist Q&A with myself:
Was I looking for this before I opened my email?
Yes, because keyword research has been making me crazy lately.
Will this help me be more profitable or I am just spending?
Yes, easier keyword research leads to higher profits and new keywords potentially lead to new profits.
Can I afford this?
After logging into Paypal and double-checking and triple-checking, decided that yes I could afford it at this time. It was $197 for a year or there was a lifetime option, I chose the one year option.
Will I use it often?
Yes, I am determined to use it almost daily.

My first reactions and initial review of Keyword Canine as a tool:

So of course when I get a new toy I need to open it right away and start playing around with it. That’s part of the fun of getting a new toy in the first place. I pulled up the Niche Finder and skimmed through the list and found quite a few interesting things that KC determined would be easy to rank for with just a little bit of work. Here’s an example I saved for my husband’s cooking blog…

6 Things I Really Like About Keyword Canine

  • The Niche Finder updates constantly with new keywords, and it also filters out keywords after a certain period of time so you’re seeing new niches and new keywords all the time. Awesome feature, by far my favorite part of the overall package.
  • It’s web based, which means I can use it on my desktop and my laptop, or anywhere else for that matter, without having to buy an additional license.
  • It’s not just for keyword research, it also does backlink analysis and helps you keep an eye on the links coming into your site. If the backlinks pages aren’t indexed you can click a button and Keyword Canine will go out and get those pages indexed, improving the value of the existing backlinks to your site. Handy feature.
  • Keyword information comes in chunks, it’s not total overwhelm for my brain – a problem that I’ve had with other keyword tools in the past.
  • I can filter by keyword difficulty and a see at a glance with the different color button, something I liked about Traffic Travis as a keyword tool but TT was computer based and ran heavy on my desktop computer.
  • They’re always working on KC. This is not a set it and forget it project for these guys and it shows. They take user feedback seriously and they make tweaks and improvements along the way, they take open Q&A in their support forum and actively participate in the discussions there.

3 Things I’m Not Sure I Like About Keyword Canine

  • The tutorials are all just videos with no text. I’d really like some PDFs or cheat sheets that I could print out and keep on hand without watching a video.
  • Emphasis on Google Adwords/Adsense. the Adwords CPC is included and the global and local searches come from Google information. I get quite a bit of traffic from Bing on my niche sites as well, so I’d like to see some diversity. Of course, at the moment Google is king of search land so it makes sense to use their information, especially if you’re interested in using Adsense to monetize a project. I just personally prefer other monetization methods.
  • Down the rabbit hole – I could easily spend all day in here because it’s easy to dive down rabbit holes into long tail keywords with just a click of the mouse. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I am easily distracted. I like receiving the information in chunks (or perhaps tiers is a better word) but every click brings me to something more fascinating so I just keep clicking.

Here’s a video demo from Jonathan and Josh:

==> Click here to get Keyword Canine as your new best friend today < == My plans for using Keyword Canine….
Well, this very blog was started to talk about finding profitable and wacky niches. I haven’t been doing that much lately. With KC as my new best friend I’m sure to come across some crazy and interesting niches to share with you. Definitely something I want to be doing more of here on the site.

Grow my current sites. Keyword research has always been a weak point for me, I get frustrated and bored too easily and I completely slack off on doing proper research before I make a page. KC is going to help me fix that because it’s easy to use and as something that I’ve paid for I’m determined to make back my investment quickly.

Squidoo lenses throughout the year. I think the Niche Finder feature is going to be extremely useful when it comes to making Squidoo lenses. I’ve always found Squidoo a good place to test out new niches to see if I like them and to see how well received they are by readers.

Create new niche affiliate sites. One of my goals for this year is to create a few small affiliate sites. KC is going to help me start off on the right foot with the right keyword research and help me expand those by narrowing down to awesome long tail keywords to rank for.

4 thoughts on “Keyword Canine Review”

    1. It’s always been the one thing that frustrates me and drives me away from the computer at the end of the day thinking about getting a day job that doesn’t involve researching of anything :-p I’m hoping that having an easier to use tool is going to alleviate that pain for me.

    1. I’m still using Keyword Canine as my main keyword research tool, it has been really helpful for me because the interface is easy to use compared to other tools I’ve used in the past. I haven’t done any “adsense sites” in a really long time, so I’m not much help for giving advice there. Keyword Canine could be useful because it includes the level of competition, search volume, and cost per click for you right there in the results, and it uses Google data (most keyword tools do) combined with its own assessment to give you the results about how easy it is to rank for each term.

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