Niche Idea: Womens Hair Loss

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I actually had a domain and an outline for this niche at one point because I was researching the topic due to a health issue – basically my hair was falling out like crazy and I was frustrated, when I’m frustrated I buy domain names.

I know some girls go shoe shopping, but not me, instead I go on a domain buying spree. I know, I’m weird. It’s okay though… I did sell the domain name that I had when I realized I didn’t really want to write about the topic regularly.


Topics and article ideas for women’s hair loss

  • natural treatments
  • supplements for prevention
  • hair loss due to pregnancy/post pregnancy
  • hair loss due to nutrient deprivation
  • hair loss due to thyroid issue
  • hair loss due to autoimmune disease
  • female androgenetic alopecia
  • hair loss and menopause
  • surgical hair restoration
  • hair loss due to prescriptions
  • hair loss due to surgery or traumatic events
  • genetics
  • hormone connection to hair loss
  • researching a good dermatologist
  • best styles for thinning hair
  • prevention products
  • physiological effects of female hair loss
  • ferritin blood levels
  • what is normal hair loss

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Have fun out there!

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