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I don’t have any keyword research handy on this particular topic and I can’t seem to get logged into Wordtracker tonight. This is more of a rough outline directly out of my idea notebook (which ironically is a sort of journal…)

The overall idea was an affiliate site selling journals. I want you take a peek at a few of these popular journals, some of which are over $20 each:

Blank Journals:

Journals with Writing Prompts:

Putting Together a Site Around Journals

The idea I had laid out in my mind when I scribbled this idea down was a site selling the different kinds of journals; leather bound styles, moleskin styles, fancy journals with writing prompts, business journals, pregnancy journals, etc…. There really are all sorts of journals out there. To add to things in the dollar category you could also promote things like pens, bookmarks, book lights, etc…

To get traffic and create content around this topic I was thinking along the lines of journal writing tips and and ideas. A weekly journaling prompt via email would be a great way to get people onto a focused mailing list. There are loads of possible directions to go with this idea.

As always, if you decide to create something in this niche I’d love to see what you come up with. Even if you don’t do anything with this niche idea, hopefully I’ve at least sparked a bit of creative juice in your mind to trigger another idea.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Niche Notebook! Happy marketing 🙂
Loretta Oliver

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