Niche Site Q&A – Paypal Accounts

I’ve had some email Q&A with a few folks and received their permission to share with the blog readers.

Q: Do you have a separate PayPal account for each niche website that you create?

I only use one Paypal account, but I know quite a few people that maintain multiple Paypal accounts. You do have to link each account to a separate bank account though, so it would require another, perhaps a business account separate from your personal expenses.

You can add multiple email addresses to your main Paypal account of you want to use custom email addresses though. I have 4 different email addresses that people can pay me with and it all goes into one Paypal account.

Happy Nicheing! (is that a word?)
Loretta Oliver

4 thoughts on “Niche Site Q&A – Paypal Accounts”

  1. I too use one paypal account. I do all my business through that one account so at the end of the month it’s really easy.

    I have different pricepoints so I can go through and see what site made a sale by the price alone even though they are all in the same account.

  2. PayPal’s TOS actually only allow a maximum of two accounts per person, and only if one is personal and the other is either premier or business.

    That said, there are lots of things you can do to customize PayPal so it appears you have more than one account. For example, if you sell services or eBooks or PLR, you can set up your PayPal buttons to link to a customized checkout page with your site name instead of just your email address. You can also add custom information to make it easier to know where a payment came from.

    1. I didn’t know they limited it to two now. I think that’s actually a really good thing.

      I forgot about the checkout pages too! and I play with changing those settings all the time, I’m such a dork :-p

      Good tips, Cindy!

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