Old School Learning and Brainstorming…

In case you were wondering, yes, this is really how I do things. Paper and pen always at hand

My Forever Affiliate notebook, legal pad, and pen...

Some people say I’m into old school learning, others might say I have a learning disability because I need to see it, hear it, and write it in order to learn a thing, whatever you want it to call it is fine.

This is what works for me when I’m learning something new. What works for you?

2 thoughts on “Old School Learning and Brainstorming…”

    1. I do a lot of my actual writing on the computer too, mostly just because I type faster than I write by hand LOL ~ My notebooks are full of brainstorming, outlines, and scribbles for project ideas.

      My Forever Affiliate notebook has my “class notes,” really old school as if I were taking notes for a college class. Otherwise I’d forget everything I learned. I have an additional set of typed notes on the computer, because I need to see it, read it, and write it, and the transcripts provided with the class are kind of stinky. I’m prepared to re-transcribe everything just so I can absorb it better.

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