Oops, I Forgot About Those Articles!

I sat down at my desk with coffee in hand and started going through emails, the usual stuff. I had an email from Ezine Articles that was not their newsletter, which was odd because I haven’t submitted anything there is quite awhile. I opened it up and OOOOOOPS! I made a tiny little error that could have been a total waste of links if they hadn’t notified me.

I closed a website at the end of 2011, actually it was two websites in one because it had the main domain and a subdomain. Anyway – the reason Ezine Articles notified me was because I had about 15 articles in there with links to that now nonexistent website. And there was the oops! And these articles get viewed every month, shared, clicked on, etc…

So I had to think quickly on what I could do to recover my mistake and Ezine Articles clearly wanted these edited and resubmitted. I certainly don’t want them to lock up my editor account for being a slacker, I worked hard for that coffee mug! Fortunately I had plenty of content that I could link to from those articles instead, I pointed half to my husband’s blog since they were food and cooking topics, and the other half I pointed to some Squidoo lenses that matched the topic.

The moral of the story today is to make sure that you are making the best use of your links and your content that’s spread out over the web. You can go back and edit things to include a more relevant up to date source in a lot of cases and that can be a really good thing for your search results, fresh content is search engine food after all.

All right, let’s get back to work!
Loretta Oliver

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