Product versus Product Reviews Making Sales

I’ve been seeing pretty good traffic results when I do this type of review where one product “challenges” another product or similar products. I did this most recently on some Squidoo lenses, but it would work in any content arena – your blog, a niche website, an ecommerce website, your newsletter, etc… It’s a fun way to review products, give the customer the information they need to make an informed purchase, and of course to make some commissions for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Here’s one I did today comparing Leapster GS Explorer -vs- Nintendo 3DS:
Leapster GS Explorer -vs- Nintendo 3DS

Putting this particular review on Squidoo let me play in a different niche for a little bit this afternoon, since I enjoy talking about toys and games but don’t focus on it enough to have an entire website devoted to the topic. It’s sort of a mental break for me. I know that’s weird to go off and do work to take a break from working, but it makes me happy.

Have you done this style review before and seen good results? I’d love to hear your experiences as well.
Loretta Oliver

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