Progress on My Forever Affiliate Sites

Just a quick recap of what I’ve managed to cross off my to do list with Forever Affiliate so far.

Site A:
The site is setup with WordPress and customized, plugins are added and configured – that was the easy part for me.
The first piece of content has been added and I have a first draft of the second and third piece of content.
I’m going to need a little help with additional pieces of content, so I’m outsourcing that this week and I’ll add those when I get them back.
Then I get to move on to the exciting site promotion phase to dig into the real testing portion of things.

Site B:
For Site B I decided to try out some physical products. Scribbled out the site outline on a piece of paper first.
Domain name is bought and I installed WordPress, did some customization and installed the recommended plugins.
Saturday I managed to get two long form pieces of content written and added to the site with big bright images.
Sunday I made some additional design adjustments, but then decided to take the rest of the day off from site building.
This one is coming together a little quicker for me since I picked a topic that I could write about more easily, I think this one might actually be done before Site A is, so I’ll be to the promotion part of things by the weekend.

Other Stuff:
During the kid’s soccer practices I’ve been working on some research and notes for the next two sites that I’ll work on. I’ve also been scratching out content ideas in a spiral notebook when I don’t have a wi-fi connection available.

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