10 Quality PLR Sites with Free PLR Articles and Packages to Try

Whether you’re new to using private label rights content or you’ve been using for a while, it’s always nice to get a little free PLR to add to your collection or to boost a new project with. These amazing sellers are all people that I trust with my content creation needs and they offer some quality free samples for you to try out….

Publish for Prosperity PLR homepage screenshot

Alice Seba was one of the first people I virtually ‘met’ online way back when I first started working from home. I’ve learned a lot about content creation from her over the years, and continue to learn from her. If Alice is involved, you’ll never be disappointed.

Monthly Content Helpers PLR homepage screenshot

I’m honored and glad to consider Stephanie and Shannon my friends. You’ll find a growing selection of free PLR downloads on their site, as well as a nice variety of packages for sale.

Piggy Makes Bank PLR homepage screenshot

You’ll find PLR products on a variety of topics here; home, finance, business, wellness, blogging,… and the collection is always growing. You can buy individual packages or subscribe to monthly clubs. I actually had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Tracy and Susanne in person at a conference a few years ago. They’re both amazingly fun and smart ladies that I trust when it comes to content creation.

Kitchen Bloggers PLR homepage screenshot

At the marketing conference where I met Tracy and Susanne, I also got to meet Trish. She’s passionate about what she does and she creates amazing food related content. You’ll find a handful of ‘taste test’ PLR packages available free on her site. If your current project is kitchen or cooking related, you’ll find plenty of content here.

Content Shortcuts PLR homepage screenshot

You’ll find content on a variety of niches on Ruth’s site. You can choose individual packages or subscribe to a monthly content club to get a consistent flow of fresh content delivered.

Brandable Tech PLR homepage screenshot

If your audience needs help with the technical details, Courtney at Brandable Tech has you covered with smart content and guides to help you be the expert and make the tasks seem effortless.

Health and Wellness PLR homepage screenshot

If you’re looking for health and wellness specific content, Jenn probably has what you need. You’ll find topics about fitness, eating well, mindfulness, and so much more in her shop.

Buy Health PLR homepage screenshot

Kim’s shop has plenty of health and wellness related content to choose from, including important mental health subjects. She even takes requests for topics that you’d like to see added.

White Label Perks PLR homepage screenshot

Kelly, Sam, and Avery are all brilliant creators and they make a fantastic team together. Buying a PLR package from them is like having them as part of your own team at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring someone.

All Private Label Content homepage screenshot

The very first PLR package I bought online was from APLC. It saved me a ton of time and stress writing about a topic I needed some help with. I was so pleased, I went back an subscribed to a monthly content package. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried PLR yet? Download these free sample packages to get started using private label rights content and products to serve your audience and grow your online business.
10 Amazing Resources for Free PLR Articles (pinnable featured image)

There’s plenty more PLR out there around the web, these are just a handful of my favorite go-to resources when I need a little help getting words on the page.

I know that if you use the free PLR downloads from any of the content providers on this page, you’ll be in good hands. Everyone managing things here is experienced in content creation and marketing, so when you get a package from them their knowledge and experience becomes your benefit.

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